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Adobos is a Spanish word with many English translations.  It can mean pickles, preparations, chili sauces, marinades, spices and even seasonings.  Chef Jaime Salazar chose this word for the name of his new restaurant because his cuisine is based on his own recipes for sauces, marinades, spices and special seasonings.  Jaime prefers all fresh ingredients if he can get them. During the summer he uses fresh produce and eggs he buys at the Dubuque Farmer’s Market.

The owners of Adobos, Jaime Salazar and his wife Flor recognized there was a need for Dubuque people to be able to get a quick, mobile lunch.  And what can be more satisfying than a fabulous burrito made just the way you like it!  Jaime knows what people like.  He is from San Luis Potosi, Mexico and was a student of culinary arts at Highland Community College in Elizabeth, IL.   He now has over 18 years experience cooking for those of us who love Mexican food and reside here in the Tri-States.

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